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Aussom Aussie's BBQ

Australia’s most accomplished BBQ chef with over 200 awards for best in barbeque in the U.S. and Canada is bringing you the finest in traditional Aussie “Barbie” ribs and sauces.


1525 Park Manor Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Buck Em BBQ.jpg
Buck 'Em BBQ


Enrique Vega Owner and operator of Buc'Em BBQ, brings over 25 years of experience in the National BBQ Competition industry. Buc'Em illuminates in pride, professionalism, and respect for the National Rib Cook-offs. We bring new recipes , action packed energy, and down south pride to every event. Enrique's experiences includes mentoring under one of the God Fathers of the BBQ industry for 25 years. Earning hundreds of state, regional, and national titles. With 25 years of notoriety and a strong reputation rest assured Buc' Em will have you coming back for more. 



Cowboys Barbeque and Rib Co.


Cowboys BBQ & Rib Co. is a nationally recognized award winning Bar-B-Que competition team with over 32 years of dreams and wisdom. Cowboys has won over 450 National Titles to date for “Best Ribs” “Best Sauce” “People’s Choice” and more. The Legacy began in 1989 when Dallas saw the need to feed. After years of folks beating down our doors for more BBQ, Dallas was named " The Living Legend of BBQ". Cowboys is known to be a show stopper, and an original innovator in the competition Industry. We bring southern hospitality, and good ol' Texas Q to ever city we enter. Many have stated that Cowboys BBQ is "So Good you'll Moan". While others have said "It makes the girls Kiss better and the Boys Like it more".



Chicago BBQ Company

Tom Ferguson, owner and BBQ expert, had a vision of creating Chicago’s ultimate BBQ experience, after retiring from owning a chain of Italian restaurants in suburban Chicagoland. In 1985, Tom started competing in national Rib Cook-Offs. Then in 1986, the Chicago BBQ Company won the title of The Best Ribs in the World at the Richmond World Invitational Rib Cook-Off and the awards started flowing in. With over 300 national and local awards, Tom is still going strong. He also has the bragging rights of winning over ten awards at the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off. Tom brings his love and passion to every slab served!



Johnson's Bar-B-Que

“Our meat is cooked so tender you can eat it without your teeth,” said Dan Johnson from Johnson’s BBQ. With over 30 years of experience in the barbeque business, Johnson’s is sure to be a strong competitor.


1903 South Military Hwy

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Blazin' Bronco BBQ

Dennis Carrino has 35 years in the food industry. His experiences include restaurant owner, chef and grill master of the National B.B.Q. Cooking Team Blazin Bronco. After 30 years in national competition, they have gained notoriety and a reputation for excellence.  Blazin Bronco exemplifies the spirit of the National Rib Cook-offs and brings exciting new energy, recipes, and products to each event. 


Cleveland, OH

Carolina Rib King


Solomon Williams, more commonly known as the King, combined his love of people, his honor of heritage and his passion for barbecuing to create a food masterpiece. Today we are selling our meats and sauces throughout North America while competing with our competition cooking team that is home based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Though we do not have a restaurant, we serve countless customers and thousands of pounds of succulent meat each weekend.


2730 Cannons Campground Rd
Spartanburg SC 29307

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